AURTGA001 - Drive and manoeuvre trailers

AURTGA001 - Drive and manoeuvre trailers
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This one day course covers the knowledge and skills to safely drive and manoeuvre trailers / caravans etc.

Course content:

  •   Perform trailer pre start safety inspections
  •   Trailer hitching and load securing
  •   Trailer driving; manoeuvring and parking
  •   Utilising a spotter
  •   Different trailer types and characteristics
  •   Understanding AGM, ATM and other relevant terminology
  •   Legislative requirements including vehicle GVM etc. Australia wide.

Elements of the course:

  •   Prepare for work
  •   Perform a preliminary safety check
  •   Connect trailer to vehicle
  •   Drive and manoeuver trailer
  •   Disconnect trailer from vehicle

Pre-Requisites and Requirements:

  • A valid and appropriate driver’s licence either P or Open license
  • Blood alcohol reading of 0.00% on commencement of each training day Clients are to provide their own vehicles and trailers for use.

National Competency Achieved (Statement of Attainment):

AURTGA001 Drive and manoeuvre trailers


Dates: This course is offered for group bookings (minimum numbers may apply). Please contact our office to arrange a suitable date.

Location: This course is offered Australia wide.

Cost: Please contact our office for pricing. 

Superseded Package versions: AURTGA3001 - Drive and manoeuvre trailers and AURT337119A - Drive and manoeuvre trailer(s)



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